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1.Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons Knights Realm Info HERE

2. 6 Player openings left. Max 2 PC characters per player

3. Start your character information HERE

5. Battles HERE

6. This game is customized. Add all 4 dice for abilities roll.



Find your Quest!

1st Quest = instant level up


Ishkeil Male

Ellana of the Aspen Female

Yarra Female

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on Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:26 pm
1. Neither thy speech be utterly Vulgar

2. Neither thy literate beastiality

3. Neither thy slander a fellow member, handle thy grievance in a Private Letter

4. Neither thy enter if too young, shall thy peek thy shall be banished

5. Neither thy bloodshed cause regurgitation

6. Neither thy commit Thievery of a comrades work and claim it as thy own

7. Thy must respect Authority 
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